I Wanted to Tell You All My Secrets, but You Became One of Them Instead.

Have you ever liked someone without them knowing? Have you ever liked someone without any idea if they ever feel the same towards you?

Well apparently, I do.

I know he doesn’t even notice me, I am not the very first person he wants to see through his news feeds, I am not the one he wishes to see online, I know he doesn’t look forward to see me. He doesn’t say these stuffs but I could sense it through my own understanding.

But I never felt or thought that liking someone secretly is even a bad idea at all. Though I still don’t exactly know why I like him up until now.

I guess that’s the thing about love or about liking someone. It doesn’t always tend to have reasons. We may love or like people because that’s what we feel. No reasons, no excuses, no buts. We just do. And that kind of feeling is surely worth it.

If that someone I like doesn't feel the same, it's okay. I won't beg for that. But if he feels the same it'll be so amazing.

If fate would allow that to happen, I know it'll happen in the right time and place. And I want it to be sincere, true and I want it to last forever. Because I fvcking hate lies, break-ups and relationships full of tears and stupidity. I want a mature one. I want my own fairy tale.

Keep your hopes up. Never let yourself drown in the darkness. Lift your wings up high.



Diya Hanun said...

Same case with meeee!! so sad that feeling >_<

_numigx said...

Yesss and nak tau apa jadi when I tell someone? She endup being his girlfriend. Sad life kan? T__T

Mizz Aiza said...

Siapa tahu dia pun ada perasaan yang sama terhadap adik..

The dot dudet said...

who might that lucky guy be?

Sabrina SA said...

yes, i really like your last phrase. for me, cinta monyet will end up with heartbreaking. i guess to not tell someone if we like him, is the best decision :)