Wait For The Person Who Makes Loves Feel Easy

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


The person who’s right for you won’t be hard to love.

Because the right kind of love feels easy.

It feels like agreeing much more often than disagreeing. Like building each other up much more readily than you tear each other down. It feels like getting excited about the future together, because you’re building one that both of you genuinely want.

The right kind of love isn’t centered around conflict – it’s centered around harmony. Because there’s nothing romantic about being the couple who just can’t make it work.

There is nothing tragically beautiful, in real life, about constantly breaking up and making up and falling apart and then falling back together. In real life, that’s just an ongoing waste of time and energy. In real life, that’s healthy for absolutely no one.

Loving the person you’re with should feel as natural as breathing, most days.

It should be simple and effortless to love them. It should be easy more often than it’s hard. It should be straightforward more often than it’s complicated.

And if it’s not any of those things, chances are you’re not in the right kind of relationship.

Because the right kind of love feels easy, even in its most trying hour. And that kind of love is absolutely worth holding out for.


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