Shoes are something that women can never resist as we love buying them and matching them with all of our outfits. Couldn't agree more, right?

We can have it in the same design but with various colours. Every time a new shoe trend comes along, we could be waiting in line to grab them fast. As we know that trends change so fast, it cannot be denied that it might be difficult to keep track of the latest shoe trends. However, there are a few must-have shoes that will never ever go out of style and always will be trendy. Check them out below.

1) Lace Up Heels

Laces up heels are becoming popular by the minute as it gives that sexy yet elegant touch to your wardrobe. It does not matter whether you match the lace up heels with jeans, dresses, skirts or jumpsuits, it will always make you look stylish effortlessly.

2) Red Soles

Don’t you find the shoes design with red soles sexy? It gives that sexy yet sophisticated appearance to your entire look. For the ladies who want to appear establish and successful, this is a definite must-have pair of high heels to add into your wardrobe. It will always have that special element which can boost your confidence easily.

3) Snake Skin

Snake skin shoes have been in the fashion industry for years and will never get old. The snake skin appeal gives that statement look you are looking for especially if you wear a plain outfit. There are various of snake skin shoe shades which are available in the market from various brands so stock some up in your shoe wardrobe at home. If you ever feel that you want to make a statement, the snake skin heels will definitely be the perfect choice for you to flaunt.

Those shoes are real bae. Don't forget to put them in your wishlist. Express yourself and be trendy. 

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world."


Assalamualaikum. 💕 


Ahmad Zaki said...

Perempuan kena pakai heel. Supaya nampak tinggi. =P

ZH Blogger

Dewi Aja said...

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Cikna said...

cukuplah sekadar sandal xpun wedges,huhuu....;-)

tenku butang said...

Haaaii.. TB datang melawat blog.. tak dapat nak komen sangat sebab tengah blogwalking dah singgah blog2 yang lain.. TB doakan untuk awak semoga hari ni hari yang lebih baik dari semalam .. K bye..