Embrace Impermanence

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Nothing lasts forever.

Everything transforms. Impermanence rules everything. 

Without impermanence, all of life would be impossible. 

A seed could not grow into a fruit, for it would forever remain a seed. A boy could not become a man. An idea could not become a plan.

Being alive means facing change. All things grow and change. Not just physical things but so too with intangibles such as our thoughts, ideas, feelings, states of minds, mental energies, and all of our relationships too.

When changes happened and it's time to let go, we started to question ourselves, why do we need to let go something or someone we love sometimes?

It's simple. Because not everything you love is meant for you. You need to let go when the situation really calls for it.

Don't be selfish. In this world, everything isn't just about you. The world just doesn't revolve for you. This world is made up of different people with different stories. So if it's really necessary, then let go and don't worry. Because if something or someone is really for you, no matter how much you let it go, it would always come back to you and if it didn't return, then move on and be happy.

When we try to make impermanent things permanent, we cause ourselves to suffer when they eventually change. And so, we set ourselves up for great disappointment and personal disaster when we cling to things and hope they’ll never change.

For that, embrace impermanence and learn to let go.


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  1. Salam perkenalan kak. GV follow blog akak ya. Okey, Bahasa Inggeris akak mmg superb. GV siap cari apa makna impermanence tu. Selalunya perkataan ini dikaitkan dengan ajaran Buddha. Huhu. Tapi dari konteks ayat di atas mungkin ianya boleh dikaitkan terima dengan hal qada' dan qadar serta setiap yang berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya dan sentiasa berfikiran positif kan kak. :)

    1. Betul dik :) Kalau dalam Islam kita belajar semua yang dalam dunia ni sifatnya sementara sebab sifat kekal tu cuma milik Allah. Yee, dalam ajaran Buddha pun ada sebut tentang impermanence ni. Salam perkenalan dari akak!

  2. nothing lasts forever, I agree :)

  3. Semuanya hanya pinjaman.. tiada yang kekal melainkan Dia..

  4. Semua yg berlaku mesti ade hikmah yg tersembunyi (:

  5. A lovely post! Sometimes when we become too busy with dunya we forget that we're not going to live forever and afterlife is waiting for us.

  6. Yang pergi biarkan pergi. Yang hidup mesti teruskan perjuangan.

    ZH Blogger

  7. How true.. with different perspective impermanence is good thing

  8. tak semua yang kite nak kite akan peroleh kan.. ada jodoh ada. tak de jodoh, keep moving and be happy :)

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